Pricing and Availability

Introductory Product Pricing

Most of our products are offered after requesting a quote on a system for a particular application, where we can assist you in defining the exact instrument to suit your needs. However, many of our systems will be offered as commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems, and specific pricing will be posted on these items.

As our products are developed, and transition to off-the-shelf items, we will post these systems at discounted pricing during an introductory period. As a result of interest in our 24” Digital Imaging Radar, we are building several of these and are offering them at an introductory price. While acquisition software is sold with the radar, additional processing software for the marine radar series will be available soon as a separate product.

See below quote for details on cost. Availability quoted as 120 days after order.


ISR DIR-1 Digital Imaging Radar system



SiTex Marine Radar with Non-coherent Video Output Option


  SiTex Marine Radar PC-4D
  • 24" radome antenna
  • 4 kWatt transmitter
  • Computer controlled software
  • Radar Display through PC
  Video Analogue Digitization-Output Option $9,999


Octopus 100 MHz Digital Receiver System

$ 12,748

  Quadrapus PCI Digital Receiver Card
  • On-board avg, 16-bit data, Output each Half- Beam width
  • Coherent upgradeable
  • Onboard GPS for DGPS Option Upgrade
  Data Acquition Software
  • Linux/Windows-compatible GUI, 3 year license, w/ upgrades
  Rackmount Receiver Chasis with specialized cooling
  • P3 Processor Card, 500 MB memory, Video, USB, Network
  • Rackmount Case
  • Linux Operating system
  • Network Card for data transfer
  • 180 GB Hard Drive
  • Rackmount Case
  • SCSI Disk Drive/Controller for fhi-speed acquisition


System burn in, check out at ocean site



Total Cost: